Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Family Help Line

Nurturing and raising children can be a tough job. Between the successes and the joys can come periods of doubt and frustration. Sometimes, parents and providers just want a listening ear. Sometimes, they want to find a parent education class. The Family Help Line of Parent Trust of Washington State can help connect families with the resources they want and need.

What Is the Family Help Line?

A toll-free, confidential "warm line" staffed by supportive, trained English and Spanish-speaking Parenting Coaches. Coaches listen to concerns and successes, help problem solve, and help families connect to local community resources.

Family Help Line Hours
Monday – Friday………9am to 10pm
Saturday & Sunday……10am to 6pm

If you have questions and want to learn more about the programs and services that Parent Trust offers, e-mail or call them at:

E. Washington Office: (509) 454-4000

W. Washington Office: (206) 233-0156