Wednesday, March 18, 2009

73rd Annual General Council Motions

  1. Split per-capita payments into monthly, instead of quarterly distributions. Motion failed 146 for and 224 against.
  2. Issue no more permits for alcohol sales and to stop the sale of drug paraphernalia on reservation west of 27th Avenue and Firetrail Road. The motion failed 61 for and 304 against.
  3. Support a Tulalip drug task force. It passed by voice vote.
  4. Lower the elders age from 62 to 55. The motion failed 128 for and 134 against.
  5. To pursue building our own k-12 school. The motion passed 158 for and 65 against.
  6. Vote on the three options presented to the Board for a disability workers policy. Option 1 received 104 votes, Option 2 received 73 votes and Option 3 received 29 votes.
  7. Mandate that all outsourced business be awarded to tribal companies if qualified. It passed with 86 for and 81 against.