Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Treaty Days

Treaty Days is Friday, January 22nd. On January 22nd, 1855 our Treaty was signed, and in 1912 we held our first Treaty Days celebration. I know there are a lot of mixed feelings about Treaty Days, such as whether it is a day we should celebrate, or if it is a day that we should be sad. There have been different message from elders as I have talked to them about Treaty Days.

Many say that was the day we practiced our Winter Ceremonies because the Agency and the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) thought we were celebrating the treaty. Whereas others say that was the day they brought all the children from the boarding school, where they came and sat in the bleachers. Even though the children did not get to talk to their families, at least the families were able to see the children that day. For me personally, it is more about honoring our ancestors, their sacrifices, and their wisdom they had to lead us to where we are today.

I hope tribal members will come and join us. At 3pm work will commence, we’ll be cleaning the floor. Dinner will be at 5pm, and the actual work will start at 6pm. We will start with a prayer, and then we invite all the Tulalip people to the floor to sing the “Welcome Song” to welcome all our guests. I hope you will join us for Treaty Days.

Also, we still need bids for the treaty days dinner. Below is the information for submitting a bid.


Shelly L. Lacy


Dinner will be held on Friday, January 22nd, 2010 for Tulalip Tribes/Treaty Days in the Smokehouse. Food will be served in the Kenny Moses Sr.- K.M.B. The bid will be to feed 300-500 people and is as follows:

(These items will be provided or purchased by the smokehouse committee)

Deer/Elk Roasts

Boiled Potatoes-quartered


Vegetable: Corn or Greenbean

Bread: Rolls or Frybread

Green Salad/Potatoes Salad

Beans w/bacon

Pies (please have a few sugar free desserts available)

Cake w/Berries and whipcream

Seafood if provided

Extra meats if Deer/Elk are not available.


200 sandwiches/snacks will be made and put in lunch bags to be handed out in the smokehouse later in the evening.

The bid includes the following:

Preparation of all food

Serving of food

Clean up of the kitchen and tables and serving areas

Paying for any helpers or bid helpers

If there is leftover food, it will need to be wrapped and set out for people to take.

THE BID PACKAGE NEEDS TO INCLUDE HEALTH FOOD CARDS FOR EACH PERSON WORKING IN THE KITCHEN (AND THE PERSON MAKING BID) The successful bidder will receive payment after job and clean-up is complete.

PLEASE HAND INTO BONNIE JUNEAU (360-716-4369) Bids will include a timestamp from front reception. BIDS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 4:00P.M. FRIDAY, JANUARY 15TH, 2010