Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Census Jobs

If anyone is interested in becoming a census taker, TANF will be holding one last class to qualify people. See the information below if you’re interested in a temporary job working for the Census. And don’t forget, on March 26th we’ll be holding a Census Party. If you bring in your original census form, we’ll mail it for you and enter you in a raffle for some great prizes. The party will be held at the Tribal gym from 11 to 3, so come by, enjoy a meal and drop off your census form. Look forward to seeing you there!


Shelly L. Lacy

Final Call -- Know anyone who could use a $13 - $19.50 / hour temporary (1-2 month) job helping Tulalip Tribal members with their Census forms?

What: FINAL employment workshop for Census Jobs: $13 - $19.50 / hr.

When/where: Thursday, March 18 10 a.m. Tribal Admin Building (Training Room 2-A / second floor)

Jobs: Census Takers & Crew Leaders (April/May), Census Clerks (ongoing)

To Register: TANF info line at 360-716-4724 / email Charlene James at TANF

1) Benefits: good pay, temporary/part time jobs, flexible hours, up to 40 a week, and mileage reimbursement (50 cents/mile) for field jobs.

2) How long: jobs are from a couple weeks to a month+ of work. But if they are hired, they could be kept on for other operations other than Census takers.

3) Particulars:

a) You have to be a US Citizen at least 18 years of age. You are not required to have a car but having one may give you more employment options.

b) You MUST have 2 pieces of valid ID – such as tribal id, drivers license or passport.

c) You will be coached on a very short practice test, then you can decide to take the real 30 minute test that qualifies you for positions. If you aren't satisfied with your score (which Census staff gives you confidentially right after taking the test) you can take a break and come back to retest to get a better score.

d) Test is confidential and not hard.

It’s an important job for our Tribes as Census reporting helps Tulalip obtain funding for our youth, family and elder programs. Census data is the basis for over $1 billion dollars that annually flows into Indian Country. More counted households provides more funding for tribal housing, maintenance and construction of roads, employment and training programs, head start children services, tribal elder services, health care and more grants for other Tribal programs/services.